Born in Rotterdam, January ‘89, Max Moore’s fondness towards music appeared early in his childhood. Hailing from a very creative and musical family, he showed great interest in adventuring down the same path. His parents were both singers and his sister played piano, but it was his brother who introduced him into the world of dance music from which he has never felt the need to escape. Max toured his home country of Holland with his older sibling, absorbing his surroundings and learning the art of mixing.

At the eager age of 15, he secured himself a residency at one of Holland’s most prestigious clubs, Hollywood Music Hall, and his passion for reaching the top of this ever growing scene never faltered: “I was very proud to be featured on such a huge stage at 15, and always looked forward to each and every gig, but I still felt somewhat unfulfilled. I craved the feeling of spinning my own music to the crowd; putting my experiences and emotions into tracks I could call my own.” With that drive, his studio sessions began. Every spare hour available to Max would be spent working hard on his production and mixing skills. Dutch clubs like Time Out (Gemert), Waterfront (Rotterdam) and Club Four (Renesse) started taking notice of such a young talent, which led him to be booked regularly.

These days, Max’s affection for everything about dance music is more prominent than ever. He continues to evolve in the studio, striving for quality with every track. Inspired by artists like Fedde Le Grand, Avicii and Tiesto, Max is ambitious to boost his career to the next level and continue doing what he loves. His big room sound takes influences from all aspects of his life, both in and out of the DJ booth. By building on his own musical taste, Max injects unique elements and bold ideas into his productions, resulting in truly refreshing and energetic tracks.

With some fantastic bookings on the horizon and exciting studio projects underway, this year looks to be his biggest yet!