Rob Fabrie aka DJ Headbanger/DJ Waxweazle


Holy Noise

Rob’s career started as a dj in 1985 in some small clubs.

In 1989 Richard van Naamen, Paul Elstak and Rob formed a group Holy Noise .

Many big hits were made: Father forgive them, Get down everybody, James Brown is still alive ,The nightmare.

The group went to play in New York, Belgium, Germany,France, Greece and did a club tour throughout Holland.

The records where sold worldwide and top positions in Japan and Germany where also reached.

One album, was produced: Organoised Crime


In 1992 the holy noise members came up with a track called Amsterdam waar lech dat dan and they put it out

under the name of The Euromasters.

This record was the very beginning of the infamous label Rotterdam Records.

On the euromasters record Rob used an alias name for the first time: Waxweazle.



In 1993 Rob met Lex van Coeverden and he was the label manager of Dance International Records.

He liked Rob’s new tracks and wanted to release them.

Using the alias of Waxweazle as a writer and the artist name of Somebody from Rotterdam the tracks were released.

Success in both Germany and Japan followed; other productions on the label went the same way.


In 1994 Duncan Stutterheim (ID&T) had a meeting with Ed Bout (Holograpic), Peter Paul Pigmans  and Rob.

This meeting resulted in a collab between Peter Paul and Rob. Together they made 2 tracks.

This is the Thunderdome and Motherfuckers you’re gonna die, the name for the project became 3 Steps ahead.

The second e.p on their label Steps records were 2 solo tracks by each of them. Peter Paul and Rob wanted both to

go their own ways so Peter Paul kept on using the name 3 steps Ahead and Rob was offered his own label by ID&T.

At the end of 94 Waxweazle Vinyl was started.


The First release Legs outsold all of the other records that were released by that time at ID&T.

Hits like Legs, Spread your wings (with Guitar Rob),Pump it dj (with Guitar Rob), Hardcore Power,Brainscan,FIXXXED (with DJ Promo)and many more were released.

30 Releases in total were produced for the label.


Other producers also got the chance, Tails and Noizer, Recharge, DJ Delirium, E-Rick and Tactic, DJ Promo and many more made records for the label.


As DJ Waxweazle rob was introduced at an Earthquake party in 1994.

In 1995 Rob recieved a Thunderdome Award for best upcoming DJ ,


Still performing to this day Rob has played lots of major festivals and raves. Thunderdome,

Global Hardcore Nation,Mysteryland, Earthquake, Decibel,Hellraiser,Nature One,Colorfest,Dominator,Groundzero,

Love Parade (2x and Love Parade Vienna),Street Parade, Energy, Defqon,and many more.Countries

where he has performed are The Netherlands,USA, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland,Scotland, UK, Germany, Belgium,

France, Spain, Switserland, Austria and Italy.



In 1997 Rob decided to go back to his harder edged sound of Somebody from Rotterdam and slowed the tempo down..Sweet Dreams (you bastard) was born. Rob decided that he didn’t want it to be released as a Waxweazle production so the name HEADBANGER was born.

A huge hit was the result and today it’s considered to be a classic!


The 2nd release was called The Nightmare Man and was released on Rotterdam Records, followed by hits like

No Law and ultimately Headbanger’s Theme feat Alee & Ruffian.

Headbangers theme is the anthem of the Headbanger and is known worldwide.

By 2000 Rob made the switch to Rige Records where he produced with Rotterdam Terror Corps.

Bangin your Fist and with Paul Elstak You’re mother sucks cocks in hell on Paul’s new label Offensive Records.

Both became big hits.

Rige decided that it was time for an Artist album. Are you afraid of the dark was the title.

In Total 5 albums were made  from 2000 till 2008.


  1. Are you afraid of the Dark
  2. Pray 4 Daylight
  3. Serious Damage
  4. Apocalypse
  5. R-Evolution


Many hits are produced in that period To name a few.

Are u afraid of the Dark, The ninth gate, Violator, Strike (feat Alee), This is war, Causin Panic, Psycho Game (feat RTC), Prey, Your mother sucks cocks in hell(feat Paul)

Pray 4 Daylight (feat Alee), Fuck HIM(feat Paul),Violator(Tommyknocker rmx), Danger(feat DJ Delirium),  Pandemonia(Headbanger rmx)(feat RTC),Serious Damage (feat Alee), Worldwide blast off (feat Delirium), Pain is God (feat Dione),Evil never dies, A taste of fear(feat Paul), Dead by dawn(Dione rmx) and God is not here today(feat Paul).


Rob also remixed some of the biggest classics here are a few:


Turbulence ‘n’ Terrorists – Six Million Ways to Die (Headbanger rmx), Chosen Few – Name of the DJ (Headbanger rmx),

Buzz Fuzz – XTC Love (Headbanger rmx), Bass Reaction – Technophobia (Headbanger rmx), Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys – Army of real hardcore (Headbanger rmx), Masters of Ceremony – 2008 Skulls (Headbanger rmx),Gizmo – End of the beginning (Headbanger rmx), Dione – Pain till I die (Headbanger rmx),Tommyknocker – The Nutrition (Headbanger rmx) and more.


As DJ Headbanger rob performed on all the big festivals and raves.

2016 is the year that Rob wanted to produce Hardcore again.


B2BW2016 (Headbanger goes BZRK rmx) by Buzz Fuzz & DJ Delirium was released on BZRK Records

and stormed to the 3rd position in the Hardtunes top 100.

Na-Goyah –Enemy (Headbanger rmx) was released on Coolman Records

Also a collab by Na-Goyah & The Headbanger is released by Coolman Records

Solo Headbanger tracks are in the making again.


Nowadays Rob can be booked as:

DJ Waxweazle – Early Rave,Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore,Oldschool

DJ Headbanger –Millenium Hardcore, New hardcore

DJ Rob Fabrie (Holy Noise) – Strictly oldschool/classics


Other styles.



Produced by Rob under the name of Gizeh (Solo project at Spinning),

Mindwalkers,Children of Roswell(both with Ed Bout(Critical Mass)),Stargate (Tsunami Records)and more.

Gizeh scored big with hits like The Rain, Ra and Orion and Rob remixed 4 Strings – Daytime

and his version became the worldwide hit.


Thanks 2 that remix a lot of important labels suddenly wanted a Gizeh rmx.

Just to name a few :


Aurora                                Ordinary World                           (Positiva Records UK)

Storm                                   Time to burn                                 (Warner Benelux and DATA Rec UK)

Orion                                    Eternity                                           (Incentive Records UK)

Pitcher                                 Strike                                               (Superstar Records Germany)

Boy Wunda                        Unfinished Sympathy             (Manifesto Records UK)

Madelyne                            A deeper love                                (Liquid Records NL)



Also Ferry Corsten and Rob made Ferry Corsten –Blacklight (Reached 2nd position beatport trance 100)

released on Flashover.




Bushwankaz with Lars Tindal (Forze DJ Team)Asspankaz (Bushwankaz & Yomanda)

DJ Rob Fabrie, Fab Flavour (both on Blue Records)

Several top 5 positions were made in the dutch dance top 40. With hits like Going out to all the dj’s, Action,Work that   ass and more.




ThiN (Project by Lars Tindal & Rob) released on Bonzai Basiks (Belgium)

Tracktitles: Interface, Nespressure

And also released on Compulzion Records Uk.

Tracktitles: Abrasion, Monday Drums






Produced Jacob van Hage together with Jelle Hage. Hits Crank,Raid,Hybrid and more (Flashover),

Drumrave (with Asonn) on One too watch Records (Laidback Luke),

Jacob van Hage & Halfway House-Panic (Revealed),

Reckless (exclusively produced for the Dada Life Welcome to Dada Land compilation)


Also Rob is behind a lot of ghost Productions in EDM, Hardcore, Trance and Dance


Sound –Design:

As a sound designer rob is working for Rob Papen (known for vsts like Predator,Raw,Blue2 etc), Tone2 (German company known for vsts like Saurus2,Nemesis,Elektra2 and Icarus etc).

Also made sounds for KV331 –Synthmaster2, Lennar Digital – Sylenth1 and Synapse Audio -Dune




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Also available for Ghost Productions, Mastering, Masterclasses,Sound Design. contact via website or pm on facebook.