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DJ Dune Boeken

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Founded in 1994 by Oliver Froning (among others), DUNE created groundbreaking music with their signature sound that was a mixture of Techno, Rave, Happy Hardcore and a touch of Early Hardcore.

Worldwide succes

As a forerunner and pioneer of the new and growing dance music movement, DUNE made music history, saw huge worldwide success and received Gold and Platinum awards for his hits.

Dancefloor filler

Even to this day, DJ DUNE fills the dance floors of clubs and festivals like Tomorrowland, Defqon.1, Mayday, Nature One, HTID, Parookaville, Decibel just to mention a few, all over the world with this unique sound.

At events from Moscow to Poland, America to Sydney, Berlin to Amsterdam, the crowds are going crazy for this energetic and rousing sound.

Festivals & Clubs

DJ DUNE fills the dance floors of clubs and festivals like:

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