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G-Town Madness

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Who isn’t familiar with all time classics like ‘Silence’ and ‘The Hustle’ or the shots of their flamespitting act in the intro of TMF’s “Hakkuh”?

Early 90's

G-Town Madness was founded in the early ‘90s and kickstarted their career as a main liveact at the Ravers Religion parties. These guys are a guarantee to get the party hyped up as they did at Thunderdome, Nightmare, Hardcore Resurrection, Mindcontroller, Defqon.1, Houseqlassics, Dominator and many other gigs all over Europe.

Come as one

The last decade they produced floorkillers together with The Viper like “Come As One” and “Live A Lie” which are played at almost every festival and party.
They can be booked for an Early Hardcore, Oldschool, Millennium or Freestyle set.

Prepare because they are ready to throw the Madness!


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