Marshall Masters

The Godfather of Hardcore

Marc Acardipane is the creator behind monikers such as Marshall Masters, Mescalinum United, Pilldriver, Rave Creator and the co-founder of Planet Core Productions (PCP).

He is widely regarded as a result of his prolific career in electronic music, which spans from 1989 to the present day.

With the 1990 masterpiece, “Mescalinium United – We Have Arrived”, Marc mapped out his sonic blueprints spawning the heavier, hardcore end of the techno spectrum. The global impact and influence of this record was huge.

Marc’s music has had hundreds of releases on many renowned labels and has been one of the most influential electronic music artists to date. Acardipane’s discography possesses a unique timeless quality, difficult to achieve for many who try to follow in his footsteps.

Marshall Masters
Golden record in Belgium – I Like It Loud feat. The Ultimate MC
Golden record in Germany – Maria, I Like It Loud feat. Scooter

2 x Number 2 chart hits in Belgium
– I Like It Loud feat. The Ultimate MC (ID&T/Arcade)
– Don’t Touch That Stereo feat. Da TMC (ID&T/Arcade)

1 x Top 20 chart hit The Netherlands
– I Like It Loud feat. The Ultimate MC (ID&T)

Top 5 charts hit throughout Europe
Cooperation with Scooter
– Maria, I Like It Loud feat. Scooter, Dick Rules Cooperation with Tiesto feat. Marshall Masters Feat. The Ultimate MC
– I Like It Loud Mysteryland Anthem 1998 – Marshall Master – Return To Zero (ID&T)

Played on all major Festivals in the EU

I Like It Loud, Don’t Touch That Stereo, Hustler For Life, Return To Zero, Stereo Murder, E-Ternal