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Unknown Suspects

Unknown Suspects

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What do you get when old meets new, you get the Unknown Suspects.
These 2 suspects are like the Batman & Robin of the Hard Dance scene.


The last few years they played at several events (Sunglow, House of God, Oldschool Gangsters and Kamping Kitsch Club) and clubs in Holland and Belgium.

#1 spot

The choice for oldschool/rave influences is therefore not surprising since the Suspects have a preference for the good old days.

In february 2020 they released their first track “Get This” on the infamous Housebangerz label and reached the #1 spot in the Freestyle charts of but due the covid pandemic it got missed its goal.

This is me

Soon they will release their new track: “This is Me”, a new “Millenium” hardcore track that will blow your mind!

Freestyle, Oldschool / Retro, Jump / Tekstyle, Early and Millenium Hardcore is what you can expect from these Unknown Suspects.

Their motto: It’s Banging Like A Biscuit!


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